• To build 20’000 seater cathedral Church for house of God for All Nations
  • To conduct crusades both locally and internationally.
  • To Take Spiritual Revival movement to other nations or Churches in need worldwide.
  • Outreach missions to support end time Apostolic and Prophetic movement before the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Establish and develop strong media: TV broadcasting, Radio Stations, Newspapers just to mention but few as another means of sending the massage of God’s his people to experience, understand and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit which may give chance to those who could not make it up to HOGAN to receive their Salvation, healing or deliverance through the media.


  • To restore spiritual movement of Christ to the Churches of Christ.


  • To give hope to the hopeless People about current apostolic and prophetic movement.
  • To encourage personal and congregational commitment on how to overcome spiritual war fare.



Blessed is the man who supports the work of God for he/she will received double blessing and his pot will never go dry from generation to generations.

Your Name will be considered as member of the ministry.

You will enter to the top priority to rib what you Shaw and with what you planted for God’s works is already a covenant linking between you and our Lord Jesus Christ who own all the blessing.

As your Share contact with Us God will always reveal your prophetic words to his servant which will be delivered to you according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

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